In Search of the Perfect Dog Yard Design

We’re all looking for the perfect dog yard design.

Green grass didn’t stand a chance in our backyard … mom says it’s because we pee like girls.
Our Dog Yard Before Picture
Dog Yard Before

We love the design below … it’s what our perfect world would look like … along with a dog house and water feature.

The jury is still out on the artificial grass idea for our dog yard design.
The upside is that you don’t have to mow, water or weed synthetic grass and they state that it won’t discolor (within the warranty period) from the sun and pet urine.
The downside is that artificial turf can heat up, which is tough on the dogs paws and even though there are artificial grass cleaning products claiming to sanitize the fake grass … well … it reminds us of the movie Envy … Where does the pee go?

Where does the Pee Go?

Then there’s the issue of toxic landscaping materials, chemical controls and plants that can cause problems. Mulch is mostly soft on the paws but going to steer clear of cocoa mulch. Like the name says … it’s cocoa and it’s like feeding your dog chocolate which can make your pet very sick or very dead.

Seems that you would have to replace the mulch every year to keep it sanitary. Well, we would.

Or … maybe we should put down some smooth river rock and dog friendly grasses. We’ll see now won’t we?!

Speaking of dog friendly plants … be sure to check out toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs @ the ASPCA.

Fresh water, shade and safety are key elements in designing a dog yard and we all agree that we need this dog fountain installed.
Our yard is small so …. if we only have room for one tree then we’re gonna need a dog house for shelter.
recycled dog house
If mom installed a dog friendly fire hydrant in the backyard … maybe Charlie and I would pee in the same spot every time.
Yeah … right … not gonna happen … get over it.
The journey for the perfect dog yard design has begun … stay tuned to see what happens next.

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