If Your Dog is Fat, You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

dog photo
rain,snow,sleet or heat

When Charlie starts barking and throwing himself at mom … it’s time for a walk.

Rain, snow or extreme heat … but not hail … the beat goes on everyday @ 7am & 3pm.

Wish she would teach Chaz how to put his own boots on … watching him on mom’s lap getting his little booties on is pathetic. Problem is when he doesn’t wear boots, in the colder months, he’s a baby about it and then she has to carry him, which is worse. What a wuss.

I’ve learned to let it go … unless I really have to go.

dog boots
Keep covered under 30 degrees.

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Happy Holidays!

Free Printable
Who says that there’s No Free Lunch?

Always the Alpha! – Jake


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