Top 10 Dog Safety Tips for the Holidays

Charlie and I love visitors … some by coming … others by going … but all of this holiday coming and going is very confusing to us.


We’re pretty sure that’s why our mom sticks as closely as possible to our normal routine and …. she HIDES  everything that we’d find dear … like the leopard plush pillow in the guest room closet.

Mom’s Top Ten Tips for Dog Safety during the Holidays are …

This one goes without saying …

Put down the toilet seat
all rights reserved © 2013 mara lee
  1. Keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible during the holidays and make them a part of the celebration. If they can’t be part of the celebration make up a warm and comfortable place that you visit once in awhile.
  2. Store holiday food, snacks and candy away from your dog’s reach. Duh?
  3. Don’t feed dogs holiday food scraps or give them alcohol of any kind. Ditto.
  4. Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettia plants are toxic to dogs and should be kept out of your dogs reach.
  5. Don’t put stuff in, on or around the Christmas Tree that you don’t want dogs to play with.  Seriously … someone had to tell you this?
  6. Keep ornaments and lights off low Christmas tree branches.
  7. Do not use edible ornaments or deadly tinsel.
  8. Hide all electrical cords.
  9. Keep burning candles on high tables and mantels, away from dog’s wagging tails.
  10. Put a barrier around the tree, if you don’t want the dogs opening your presents early.

+1 … Don’t forget the dog is outside.

Cheers! -Jake

Santa Dog

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