Handmade Dog Toys

Unfortunately, plush dog toys with squeakers and stuffing have been banned from this house.

dog toys
3 minutes and 45 seconds

I think the final straw was the plush leopard pillow that mom brought home for the guest room … I’m pretty sure that pillow didn’t have a squeaker, but the memory of chewing off the corner still makes me quiver.

Sadly, the dog toys that are most attractive to us are often the most dangerous.

We’re dogs.

We’re bored.

We have no money or transportation. Please help us!

Plush toys with juicy squeakers danced in their heads.

Dog Toys
Isn’t it obvious?

What’s a dog to do?

Dog Toys
I loved that duck and he didn’t have a chance

Mom knows.

She knows everything … like how to make a really easy handmade dog toy that is suitable for tug-o-war and costs less than those other brands.

  • Grab a bag of heavy weight terry shop towels … we buy ours in the automotive section at Costco. They come 60 terry towels to a pack and each towel is 14″x17″.    No … you don’t need all 60 towels but where else can you buy 60 kitchen towels for $24?

handmade dog toys

#1 Fold towel into thirds and then sew with heavy duty thread all the way around. If you sew it really, really well it will last a lot longer.

handmade dog toy
Fold the long way once and then again.

#2 Tie a Tight Knot. Harder than it looks.


Or you can sew 2 towels together for the larger version

  • Take 2  towels
  • Fold them into thirds the long way
  • Sew all open sides of the folded towel (using heavy duty thread) and then sew the 2 sewn towels together … just one end to the other.
Sew the ends together and knot.
Sew all of the open sides  together and knot.
  • Make a tight knot …  or two … and pull really tight.
  • Play.
  • When it’s starts to shred … it may be awhile … throw away and repeat.

Try it.

You’ll love it!

We do! … and if you look really, really close … there’s proof.

Hoping her video’s improve;)

Chow! – Jake

P.S. There would have been an image of the 2 towel version of our handmade dog toy but mom was to lazy to move her crap off of the sewing machine.

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