These Dog Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Like I’ve said before, if it gets colder than 30 degrees, Charlie HAS to wear dog boots and I don’t.

dog boots
What a wuss! – Jake

Really didn’t care to … up until now.

After watching mom suit up Charlie … for over a month … while I walk around whining … I’ve decided that I want to wear dog boots too.

Pays to have a mom who reads my mind or … it could have been that really pathetic look I gave her.

Mom's Photography
What about me?

Mom has tried all kinds of dog boots and has learned …

  • Expensive doesn’t mean better in the dog boot world.
  • Dog boots and dog socks that don’t have a Velcro strap will NEVER EVER stay on.
  • No matter which dog boots you buy one thing is certain … dog boots can and will fall off. Keep an eye. If they stay on for the entire walk go celebrate with a hot chocolate!
  • If you find a dog boot that works, stick with it.

Ultra Paws is our go to dog boot choice. Charlie has managed to wear out a couple of pair of the Ultra Paws® Rugged Dog Boot and I like the Ultra Paws® Snow & Go Boots.

Dog boots are really not that hard to put on and Ultra Paws made a really good video of just how to put dog boots on …

Protect the paws!

Chow! – Jake

Dog photography
You’re Coming Back Aren’t You? – Charlie

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