Traveling With Dogs

Jake has logged 25,000 road miles and has relieved himself in over 17 states. Charlie, half as much.

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Road Trips with Jake

Traveling with dogs … Preparation is Everything!

Mom’s #1 Dog Travel Tip – she swears by this tip and dad actually listens.  When you first start off on your road trip pullover a few miles down the road.  Dogs get nervous starting off crammed in a space with suitcases  … they’re dogs … they’re afraid. Don’t you have to poop when you get scared?  Pull off the road let them go potty and regroup it’ll will make the journey more bearable for everyone and you won’t have to stop again until you need gas … or the dogs have some.

Mom’s #2 Dog Travel Tip – Set up a cozy place where dogs can see out the window. Make sure the area is flat and secure from things shifting about. Like it or not … crack a couple of windows … it eases car sickness every time.

mom's dog photography
Original Road Dog
Mom’s #3 Dog Travel Tip – Make a calming essential oil mist with distilled water and Lavender to spray around and on the dog beds. Continue to spray the mist periodically, during the trip, to break the anxiety loop and soothe the nerves. 
Mom's Dog Photography
Are we there yet?
There are plenty of pet friendly hotel-motels but … many pets have slept and who knows what in them so … it’s only natural that dogs smell other dogs and their instincts will tell them to mark their territory right there in the hotel room. Moral of the story .. Let the dogs decompress outside before you drag them into dog friendly room.
Mom's Dog Photography
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Mom’s #4 Dog Travel TipCheck the pet friendly hotel rooms out for cleanliness BEFORE moving all of your stuff in there. Some pet-owners wreck it for everyone.


  1. Bring Current Vaccination Records
  2. All Meds and Supplements
  3. Plastic Tub with Top for Storage
  4. Leash with Back-Ups
  5. Collar, Tags & Back-Up
  6. Dog Blanket &/or Dog Bed
  7. Food + a dogs appetite diminishes when traveling by road … no worries just make sure you have plenty of food, snacks and water. Suggest feeding them when you know you’ll be off the road for at least a couple of hours so they can digest and do their business.
  8. Gallons of Water
  9. Food & Water Bowls
  10. Portable Food & Water Bowls
  11. Toys
  12. Treats +Extra
  13. Chewy Bones
  14. Dog Brush
  15. Dog Boots
  16. Dog Jacket
  17. Poop Bags
  18. Rolls of Paper Towel
  19. Baby Wipes
  20. Pet First Aid Kit
  21. Flashlight for Night Walks
  22. Extra Batteries for Flashlight

Trust me, it’s not easy being stuffed in a truck for thousands of miles but Charlie and Jake have decided that the alternative of staying in a doggie daycare is no longer an option.




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