Traveling With Dogs

Jake has logged in over 25,000 miles and has peed and probably pooped … in 17 states. Charlie, not so much.

Mom's Dog Photography
Road Trips with Jake

Traveling with dogs takes planning and if I’ve  learned one thing traveling around this great country of ours … Preparation is Everything!

Mom’s #1 Dog Travel Tipshe swears by this tip and dad actually listens.  When you first start off on your road trip, be prepared to pull over just a few miles down the road.  Most dogs get nervous starting off in a car with suitcases  … we’re dogs … we’re afraid … don’t you have to poop when you get scared?  Just pull over and let us go potty. It will make the journey so much more bearable for everyone.

Then … you won’t have to let us out again until we need gas … or have some;)

Mom’s #2 Dog Travel Tip – Set up a cozy place in the back where we can see out the window. Make sure the area is flat and secure from things shifting about. Like it or not … crack a couple of windows … it eases car sickness.

mom's dog photography
Original Road Dog
Mom’s #3 Dog Travel TipDon’t leave home with out it! Pack a calming essential oil mist and spray around and on the dog beds. Continue to spray the mist periodically, during the trip, to break the anxiety loop and soothe the nerves.  We love Little Moon Essentials “Clear Skies Ahead”!
Mom's Dog Photography
Are we there yet?
There are plenty of pet friendly hotels and lots of pet friendly hotel apps and websites. They’re all great resources … one not better than the other. We like to find those road side motels that you can drive right up to the door but be cautious …

Mom's Dog Photography
Marriott Rewards Member

Mom’s #4 Dog Travel TipCheck the pet friendly hotel rooms out for cleanliness BEFORE moving all of your stuff in there. Some dogs people wreck it for everyone.

Mom’s #5 Dog Travel Tip – Make a checklist and check it twice or just print out our Traveling with Dogs Checklist for free.

Dog travel checklist
Click and Print … Free for the taking.
  1. Bring Current Vaccination Records
  2. Medium plastic tub with a top from Target
  3. Sturdy Leash & Back-Up
  4. Collar with Tags & Back-Up
  5. Dog Blanket &/or Dog Bed
  6. Food + Extra | Dog’s appetites diminish when traveling by road … no worries just make sure we have plenty of …
  7. Water + Extra
  8. Food & Water Bowls
  9. Portable Food & Water Bowls
  10. Toys
  11. Treats +Extra
  12. Chewy Bones
  13. All Meds and Supplements
  14. Dog Brush
  15. Dog Boots
  16. Dog Jacket
  17. Poop Bags
  18. Rolls of Paper Towel
  19. Baby Wipes
  20. Pet First Aid Kit
  21. Flashlight for Night Walks
  22. Extra Batteries for Flashlight

Trust me, it’s not easy being stuffed in a truck for thousands of miles but Charlie and I have discussed it and the alternative is no longer an option. Suck it up, Chaz.

Mom's Photography
Reluctant Road Dog

Chow! – Jake

dog photo
You are coming back, aren’t you? – Charlie

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