Black Dog Wisdom

It’s a good thing that dogs don’t speak in words … it would just make people feel really stupid silly.

It’s so simple … when loved ones come home … always run to greet them!

If you’re having a bad day … be still and snuggle up.

  • Mom's Dog Photography

Life is like a sled dog team … if you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

Mom's Dog Photography
Look Into My Eyes

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

Mom's Dog Photography
“His Royal Highness”

Take lots of naps .. and, stretch well before rising.

Mom's Dog Photography

Avoid biting others … when a simple growl will do!

Mom's Dog Photography
Horse Eye

If what you seek lies buried … dig until you find it!

dog photo
Treasure Hunter

Love unconditionally.

No matter how often you’re reprimanded … run right back and make friends.

Mom's Dog Photography

Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk.

Mom's Dog Photography
Rebels without a cause.

Appreciate a simple life.

Wag more, bark less and try to …

Mom's Photography


Mom's Dog Photography
You’re coming back, aren’t you?

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