If You Listen Really Hard

We’re at a holiday home party (Jake and Charlie stayed home) and the resident cat jumps up on the couch and plants herself behind me on the back of the sofa.

We mind meld.

True story. Seriously ... no joke. 
This has happened before ... just not publicly. 
Talk To The Animals
Daisy Mae

In my head, I  hear the cat say  … “I want canned food.”

Me silently:  What the heck?  

Cat: I want canned food.

Me silently:  Are you kidding me?


Me out loud: “What’s the deal with your cat?”

Whadda mean?

She says she wants canned food.

That’s ridiculous, I’m not buying the canned cat food anymore, its way to expensive … she can eat the dry stuff.

Well … is she eating the dry stuff?

No … we were going to take her to the vet tomorrow and see why she’s not eating.

The room became very, very quiet.

Throwing caution to the wind I said … Well, she (the cat) said if you bought canned cat food, you could save a trip to the vet.

Place long and really uncomfortable silence here.

I thought they’d be happy with the great news and maybe they were after I left.

Could be that the hostess was just jealous that her cat didn’t talk to her first.

Hope they listened.

– Mara

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