Man Up

To err is human, to forgive canine.

Real Guys Hug
Real Men Hug

“The dog’s agenda is simple, fathomable, overt: I want. “I want to go out, come in, eat something, lie here, play with that, kiss you. There are no ulterior motives with a dog, no mind games, no second-guessing, no complicated negotiations or bargains, and no guilt trips or grudges if a request is denied.”  ― Caroline Knapp

Real Men Hold Hands
Two Old Souls

The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic. Henry Ward Beecher

Chocolate and Vanilla
Scoop of Vanilla with Two Scoops of Chocolate

“I wonder what goes through their minds when they see us peeing in their water bowl?”


Hippies Use Side Door
You’re Coming Back Aren’t You?

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  1. LOL! Peeing in their water bowl 🙂


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