Remembering Petey

Going through photos and found a picture of my first dog Petey.

He’s the black and white Chihuahua Fox Terrier sitting with my brother. I’m the one in the middle.

He may have been named after the infamous Petey on ” The Little Rascals” although … my mother has no recollection of his naming.

She does remember that we somehow misplaced Petey on moving day and that cranky old cuss found his way back to us more than a week later.  Home Alone revisited:)

Petey and Sarge
Petey and Sarge

He hated the mailman, the mean boy down the street and bit feet that moved under the covers where he slept.

Petey was more of a patrolman, than a snuggle bug,  but I think his ornery disposition kept him on this planet for 19 years … that’s 133 in dog years.

Unfortunately, the mailman that he hated so much kicked him and broke his jaw … he never recovered from the injury.

Always hoped that that mailman got exactly what he deserved.


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