Out of Commission

Suppose it was bound to happen … it’s winter in Minnesota.

I would have preferred my left hand instead of my right but oh so grateful that it was just my hand breaking away from my wrist and not my hip.

Broken wrist

Still had to have surgery.  That was freaky. Tried to go to my special place.

Watching Jake and Charlie ‘s reaction through this ordeal has been surreal.  I can only describe them as big furry band aids with facial expressions to match their devotion, love and true concern.


Taking it one day at a time. Besides, there had to be something life changing that would get Rob out from behind his desk for walkies:)

He’s a good one!

Dog Walkers
Rob & Jake


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  1. Dean Russell says:

    Wow, life can be fragile! Glad that Rob was there, know how much you guys travel! Let me know if we can help!

    Love and sympathy,
    Dean and Thea


    1. Life is what happens 🙂 … Thanks!!!


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