Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

When Jake and Charlie sense that something isn’t right on our walks … I believe them.

I’m not sure what all the ruckus was about yesterday so I asked them if we should go home. They both turned around … in unison … and started running back to where we started.

As a stupid human, I needed to attach the unseen danger to something.

Maybe it’s Big Foot, a bear, a cougar (Minnesota isn’t known for cougars:) or a kidnapper?  Bottom line … I wasn’t going to stand there and wait to find out.

Besides … how am I possibly going to fight off any of the above with two small dogs and poop bags?

Reminded me of being a little kid running up the basement stairs so the boogie man wouldn’t get me.

Just because I don’t see it … doesn’t mean it’s not there;) My saviors!

Do we get a treat for saving your life?



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  1. They definitely deserve a treat 😊


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