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Photo 101: A Photo a Day | Pop of Color

As a dog walking photographer, I’m always in motion, juggling two leashes snapping photos with my iPhone.

Pretty cool shot of Jake, the blur suits it. The most important thing is how handsome he looks in his red sweater.




All Charlie wants to know is … when’s spring?


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  1. It’s so hard to focus my camera when my dog is pulling me away from the shot! So silly he doesn’t understand I’m making art. Love your photos! And your pups!

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    1. Thanks so much … as I’m giggling. Only another dog walking photographer knows for sure;)


  2. ohiophotogrl says:

    Great catch with the red sweater today! I want sour in it but like Charlie I want to know when spring is as well! Great job!


    1. Thanks so much! BTW … Jake really hates the sweater to much static;)

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