seasonal change disorder

Photography 101: Landscape

When I stumbled across  The Emotions that Minnesotans Go Through after the First Snow of the Season, it set the stage for this post. Thank gawd!

It’s true, there is a recurring emotional theme, associated with Minnesota winters and it goes something like this …

First, we desperately search for the remains of the other day.

dog in winter

Then shock and denial sets in.


A few minutes later … we step back in awe and wonder if there’s anything more beautiful.


Until … we are forced to accept what has happened (for the next 6 months), quit complaining and bundle up with a hot chocolate.

funny dogs

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” ― Sinclair Lewis


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  1. ohiophotogrl says:

    The look on your buddies face says it all! Bless its heart! The second to the last picture you could so use for your landscape shot or maybe that is what his blog was….all my days run together :0) nice job! Have a great weekend!


    1. You got it right;) Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!


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