a few hours each day

The question is … What did I learn after completing a 30-day WordPress photo challenge?  (insert pat on back here)

  1. Daily posts take time and the less internal criticism the better.
  2. Putting it out there is a little unnerving, until someone approves. ;)-
  3. Even after proofing a post, multiple times, I found mistakes. Not sure how, but there they were.
  4. Comments make you giddy.
  5. It takes time and effort to be present in a blogging community.
  6. If someone likes you, you should like them back or … at least thank them for stopping by.
  7. Daily prompts really help the creative process, until you’re stuck in the prompt.
  8. With all that I could spout out about, and not being a great writer, less is definitely more.
  9. There are so many cool and talented people who blog just for the sake of blogging.
  10. Blogging is really relaxing, if you let it be.

mara,jake and charlie


Mara Lee, Jake and Charlie

comments ... :)

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