not the gifts you’re looking for

Trying to do all of my holiday shopping online and it isn’t working for me.

While searching for a plaid scarf,  I quickly found a few Etsy sellers that seemed promising.

Then I noticed that each seller claimed to make the same plaid scarf but their prices ranged from $19-$44.

Wondering how that could be, I read the item descriptions that included each seller publicly berating the others for stealing their handmade scarf.

Hmmmm. What to do? What to do?

I almost put a few of the $19 joyless scarves in my cart but I passed.

Hoping to move on to a happier place, I stumbled across a site in China that sells the same scarf  (no, it’s not handmade) for $4.00.  Lucky me!

Unfortunately, the fate of the plaid scarf was sealed when the description of the $4 scarf read … When you remove the scarf from the package, it smells. Remove the scarf and hang it up for a couple of days to air out.

I’m going to the mall boys,  I’ll be back.




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  1. Elyse says:

    Ah yes, the joys of trying to online shop. I say every year I’m going to do it, and just like you it NEVER happens.

    Did you finish your Christmas shopping? I am hoping to finish mine this weekend.

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    1. I tried. I really did. 😉 hope to finish by this weekend too! Good luck in the hunt!


  2. Did you know that your snowflakes move side to side when you move your cursor?!

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    1. Yes, I did. Cool huh;)


  3. ohiophotogrl says:

    What happened to handmade items.i ran a retail gift store for awhile and when I went to street fairs I would see products that we carried that people said they made. They weren’t I bought them out of a catalog and would have never said I made them. Don’t know why I let people amaze me but they do sometimes :0(
    Love the picture of the kids back!

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    1. it’s so silly. really;)-

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