black dog mind meld


The plows push the snow to the left of the walking bridge.

When Jake realized the snow mound was back … he stopped, I stopped, Charlie didn’t stop (he was freezing) and for a few seconds I heard Jake cheering … the mountain is back! The mountain is back!


You could see his disappointment, when I told him it was to cold to climb the mountain.

I felt bad.  It’s a good thing I held on to the stick we found.


The next day …


Can we go home now?

Jake & CharlieHappy Friday!


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  1. So cute. I guess after the w.w dissolve it was the next day?

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      1. Wasn’t sure if anyone else would get it but me 😄 schewwwww!


  2. Your blog made me smile. I love the snow effects! Your dogs are adorable climbing the snow mountain.


    1. Thank you, Linda! Jake loves winter … Charlie just follows along so he won’t be left out;) Happy Holidays to you!


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