every dog has his day

and today is Charlies day …

One year old Charlie, after his foster mom left him here.

Look at that worried little face. 


After two years, he still worries and wonders where mom is going. Poor thing.  Not.


Everywhere you go, there he is and …


 … he’s always ready in a nano second.


Chaz likes the car but whines to go poop right around the one mile mark.

You can always tell by his infamous … you need to listen to me face.


When Charlie wants something …


… he takes it and Jake let’s him.


Besides, Charlie bites. Not hard, just snippy little dog syndrome.


Which has taught Jake patience.

dogs playing 1

What’s surprising is that Charlie doesn’t mind being the beta, until Jake kicks dirt in his face in the potty line.


Dog helpers along the way have summed it up by saying …

“They sure don’t like being separated, do they?!”

In Between Periods

You think?!

smiling dogs

 But, I’m still the Prince.

Mom's Dog Photography

We’ll see.

Mom's Dog Photography

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