you don’t mess with the bub

Weekly Photo Challenge Gone But Not Forgotten

Little Shirley was Grandma to some and Bubbe to others.

Just shy of 100 lbs., she smoked unfiltered Pall Malls, always drank coffee, used 4 letter words, loved all animals and garage sales.  She taught me not to laugh at monkeys, they’ll pull your hair out, if you break my stuff, you’ll be sorry, the joys of gardening, you’ll eat it or starve, always split your winnings at B.I.N.G.O and the Lotus Pose.


I don’t remember hearing the words “I love you” but, she knew exactly who to leave her vintage pencil sharpeners to and that says something.


She always said, “if you dig dirt by hand, it grows better.”

So … I dig dirt by hand and it’s hard work but, she’s always right there with me and that’s very cool.

Love you, Bub.


 Elephants and grandchildren never forget. ~Andy Rooney


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  1. She sounds awesome.


  2. She sounds a lot like my gram… smoking Kent Golden Light 100s and coffee everyday.


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