Rose Colored Glasses

Day 79 When It Finally Dawned on Me

It fascinates me that we’ll wish for something and then spend the rest of the time creating reasons why the wish won’t come true.  I use to do it all the time and am now convinced that the wishes that I didn’t think poorly of … or totally abandon … almost always came true.

Then there are those wishes that have gone beyond their expiration date and there is nothing left at that point but a miracle … that shouldn’t stop us from wishing.

Besides, we watch people getting wishes granted all the time … some we idolize, some we detest and some give us hope just because they got their wish.

After witnessing a boodle full of wishes being granted over the past year, I am certain that the worst possible thing we can ever do is stop wishing.  Maybe it’s as simple as trying to be more mindful of what it is that we’re exactly wishing for.

Couldn’t hurt. 🙂

“I wish I were a rock,’ he said, and he became a rock.” ― William Steig


“Wishes are memories coming from our future!” ― Rainer Maria Rilke


“He wasted his wishes on wishing.” ― Shel Silverstein


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  1. “I wish I had a million dollars. Hot dog!”

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