letting it breath

There use to be a box (with an embarrassing amount) of empty wine bottles … actually two full boxes … in the back room collecting dust. When I abandoned the notion of doing something with them, I recycled the bottles and didn’t look back.  Surprising but true.

Except for two bottles … which BTW was prompted by David asking me what he should do with ALL of his empty wine bottles, now that Miss Sydney has turned him into a wino. 😉


So, Dave … if you’re itching to make a fabulous wine bottle candelabra … first you have to find a candelabra. Once you’ve accomplished that and it’s no easy task … open a bottle of white wine, fill a couple of glasses, take a clean, dry wine bottle, fill at least halfway up with marbles for weight, use E6000 glue to attach stuff, work in a well ventilated room and never leave candles burning unattended.  Could be fun … you know couple’s craft night.

On second thought … if a wine bottle craft night is to corny for you …

I’ll just give you one of mine. 😉

Cheers at 5


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