Monster Makers of America

Jake can’t rest knowing that we have Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Wraps in the house.

He can’t rest when we don’t have them in the house.  That’s fun too.


You’ll hear him moaning in the other room or staring the snack area down. It’s pathetic … beyond sick and I know I should stop buying them but it’s like getting the kids to watch a movie on the couch. Take your snack, go lay down in the beanbag and leave me alone for five minutes.


Charlie doesn’t care either way, unless I try tricking him with a different snack to ration stock of the crybaby snacks, but … he’ll come back, stare me down and pout.  So freakin’ smart.


Don’t feel bad for Charlie. He’ll eventually steal Jake’s softened just-right-chewy-bone and then Jake will find me to tattle on Charlie.  I ignore both of them and pray that no one ends up in a cone.


Best regards,

A Charter Member of The Monster Makers of America Club

Peace 🙂

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  1. Charter Member nothin”! You’re the founding Mutha!

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  2. Carol says:

    Jake and Charlie sound pretty smart for furry beasts! The furry beasts in my house are always stealing chewies from one another. Many a war has been waged over a half-gnawed, softened-just-right chewy. So disgusting.

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    1. mara lee says:

      Especially when you step on one in bare feet. Gives you flashbacks of Legos.🌞

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