Scratching the Itch

Jake’s severely dry skin followed him into the spring.

My hunch … his curly tail was creating static electricity and shocking his hind end. It seemed logical, considering how dry it was this winter. Rob kinda, sorta agreed with that I don’t think so face … so I weeded out certain snacks and went to find an answer.

Not much into natural therapy fads, we talked to the vet and discussed alternative therapies for dogs. His response was to keep researching, move slowly and always keep a careful watch for the risks and rewards.

After hours of research, all I had to do was buy a jar of organic coconut oil, spoon out a little less than a quarter size piece into my hands, carefully rub them together ( coconut oil starts to melt right around 75 degrees so when it hits your hand it liquefies very quickly) and massage the areas of distress with my fingers. I did this twice a day for a week and Viola’ no more skin issues. Nada, zilch! Amazing!

Some research suggests adding coconut oil into a dog’s food but … applying it externally rested easier on my mind, since there really isn’t enough research to be sure. Besides … this daily ritual keeps them so busy that they don’t follow me around wondering what we’re going to do next.

Searching for organic coconut oil I learned …

  • Not all Coconut Oils are created equal.
  • Coconut oil is found in both a solid, liquid and semi-solid form depending on the climate.
  • it can be expensive but a little goes a long way and if you find it on sale at your local natural food store … buy it!
  • There’s a website that’s pretty good reading.
  • Do Not oil yourself up before you oil the dogs. Trust me. 🙂
  • Wash hands and oil yourself up while they’re busy licking themselves.

And, yes you can dab coconut oil under your eyes … just not in them.

Silky smooth.


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  1. My two German Shepherds were having TERRIBLE skin issues, scratching constantly and smelled horrible! I was so frustrated trying different foods, treats, shampoo, and even meds. I finally read about coconut oil, started putting 1T in their raw food daily. Now, their coats are beautiful!!! They’re not scratching and smell, well, like a regular dog, for which I am grateful.


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