Spreading Light and Glue

An old picture frame …

recycled picture frames

and hoarded glass objects …


It’s a glass puzzle.


and then became this.


Took a photo of the finished piece, propped it in a window … the wind blew it over, it smashed it into a million pieces. The end.

Don’t be sad, you have more.

Repurpose | The Daily Post

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  1. maroonerslagoon says:

    Beautiful, with an ending that makes me think about the temporality of life. *Sigh* Art

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mara lee says:

      🙂 so true.


  2. plasticallyperfect says:

    Well, it was absolutely lovely before it was smashed to pieces. Sorry to hear that it got ruined 😦


    1. mara lee says:

      It was, wasn’t it:)


  3. Bipasha says:

    Uh oh! At least we got to see these pictures 🤗


  4. tile gypsy says:

    Reblogged this on shot, gathered and glued and commented:
    and she can’t find her glue …


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