Dog Yard Design

The dog yard was designed to protect Eagle Bait  and Running Bear from predators of the North Woods.

Research showed that it’s unusual for bald eagles to swoop down and try to whisk away small children and pets 😉 … they aren’t known to carry that much weight but wolves, coyotes, bears, owls and hawks can.

Here’s what we started with …

Back of House Before

Fast forward to build the dog yard.

Dog Yard Design

RJM was armed with tools and a dog yard design in his head.

He’s very precise and this post wasn’t …

We finally spent some of our travel rewards on a bunch of dream tools but not a nail gun.  Must be a guy thing to pound in a thousand nails with a hammer.

The boys watched, waited and wondered but still don’t use the space as intended.

Metal fencing was installed on the six-foot side panels along with a portion of the top to prevent swooping, leaping, charging and pine cone bombings.

No, we’re not getting chickens.

One gate in, one gate to go.

No plumbers crack  … quite impressive.  Nice gate.

Started weeding but the landscaping  will have to wait until spring … we’ll see.


Let me out I gotta poop.



Shabbat Shalom.

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