Ticks suck.

We’ve already found a couple of ticks, one on Charlie’s ear and one on mine. I reacted like my hair was on fire, flicked it off like a crazy person, scrambled to look for it on the dark floor … Charlie got to it first and ate it.  Such a good helper. So gross.

My challenge is to coexist with all the insects and take on a forest dwellers reaction to disgusting bugs invading personal space. Funny … it could happen … maybe not with spiders.

On the bright side, checking for ticks takes half the time it took to put on two sets of dog boots 5 times a day for 45 days … so there’s that.

Where to check pets for ticks
Where to check pets for ticks – photo credit:  CDC

After You Come Indoors by the CDC

Check your clothing for ticks. Ticks may be carried into the house on clothing. Any ticks that are found should be removed. Tumble dry clothes in a dryer on high heat for 10 minutes to kill ticks on dry clothing after you come indoors. If the clothes are damp, additional time may be needed. If the clothes require washing first, hot water is recommended. Cold and medium temperature water will not kill ticks.

Examine gear and pets. Ticks can ride into the home on clothing and pets, then attach to a person later, so carefully examine pets, coats, and daypacks.

Shower soon after being outdoors. Showering within two hours of coming indoors has been shown to reduce your risk of getting Lyme disease and may be effective in reducing the risk of other tickborne diseases. Showering may help wash off unattached ticks and it is a good opportunity to do a tick check.

Check your body for ticks after being outdoors. Conduct a full body check upon return from potentially tick-infested areas, including your own backyard. Use a hand-held or full-length mirror to view all parts of your body. Check these parts of your body and your child’s body for ticks:

  • Under the arms
  • In and around the ears
  • Inside belly button
  • Back of the knees
  • In and around the hair
  • Between the legs
  • Around the waist

Tick Check
Tick Check photo credit CDC

What to do when a tick bites you …

After the tick is removed, clean area with soapy water and rubbing alcohol … I dab Tea Tree Oil on the area a couple of times a day until inflammation and redness disappear.  If symptoms occur, call your doctor.

Ticks Suck
Hi Dave!


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