Dog Toes

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Nothing burns like the cold. But only for a while. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. – George R.R. Martin

bare trees

the always standing around trees series

Dog Spelled Backwards

Looks like a great day to start my digital file don’t pile agreement.  Can’t I just throw them away and start over?  Ridiculous. Found  “The Creation”  in one of those piles and it actually warmed me up. The Creation When G-d had made the earth, the sky, 
the flowers and the trees,
 He then made…

Everything is Black and White

Or, at least it was yesterday. Below zero temps, black ice, high winds, layers of clothes, hoping not to fall down and … if and when you try to look up … just for a second … hurry before your eyelashes freeze off …  there it is … the full definition of breathtaking. Trying to…

Not Best In Snow

It snowed for the first time yesterday. I vaguely remember snow and when I first walked out there it was so fresh, fluffy and clean that I couldn’t contain myself … for about 5 minutes … and reality set in. This sucks. Problem is … Jake loves the snow. It’s gonna be a long winter….