165 Words

You learn something new everyday.

If We Could Talk To the Animals

What a neat achievement it would be. There’s no doubt that we’d learn something very important …   Anna Breytenbach did. MUST SEE: What If Animals Could Talk To You? : Conscious Life News.

Listen Or We’re Not Going

Jake gets suited up first for our walks. He’s nowhere to be found and he isn’t coming when called so … Charlie got to go first. Called him a couple more times. No response. Looked out in the shop … he’s just sitting there like a statue. This isn’t a shop photo … it’s just…

If You Listen Really Hard

We’re at a holiday home party (Jake and Charlie stayed home) and the resident cat jumps up on the couch and plants herself behind me on the back of the sofa. We mind meld. True story. Seriously … no joke. This has happened before … just not publicly. In my head, I  hear the cat…