Greetings of the Season

Baby, it’s COLD outside!  Make sure to bundle up! It smells like cookies in here …  Back to our regularly scheduled program From Our House to Yours … Merry Christmas!

A Bazillion Dog Photos

… at least I don’t take pictures of the constant dessert eating. Yep … it’s the mom, Mara. Promised myself that I’d go through the thousands of dog photos taken over the last 3 years and look what I found. It’s Jake and Rob …. my better half … walking Rockaway Beach on the Oregon…

Not Best In Snow

It snowed for the first time yesterday. I vaguely remember snow and when I first walked out there it was so fresh, fluffy and clean that I couldn’t contain myself … for about 5 minutes … and reality set in. This sucks. Problem is … Jake loves the snow. It’s gonna be a long winter….

Handmade Dog Toys

Unfortunately, plush dog toys with squeakers and stuffing have been banned from this house. I think the final straw was the plush leopard pillow that mom brought home for the guest room … I’m pretty sure that pillow didn’t have a squeaker, but the memory of chewing off the corner still makes me quiver. Sadly,…

Top 10 Dog Safety Tips for the Holidays

Charlie and I love visitors … some by coming … others by going … but all of this holiday coming and going is very confusing to us. We’re pretty sure that’s why our mom sticks as closely as possible to our normal routine and …. she HIDES  everything that we’d find dear … like the…