on foot

It’s the little things.

protect the paws

Honestly, it’s entertaining and I can’t get angry at Jake.

Protect the Paws

If you haven’t had much success with the dog boot thing,  you can always smear Vaseline  on dog paws to kinda-sorta protect them against the sidewalk salt of the winter. It’s better than nothing! and … when you get home … don’t forget to gently wash off paws … after they’ve thawed out … with…

These Dog Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Like I’ve said before, if it gets colder than 30 degrees, Charlie HAS to wear dog boots and I don’t. Really didn’t care to … up until now. After watching mom suit up Charlie … for over a month … while I walk around whining … I’ve decided that I want to wear dog boots…

If Your Dog is Fat, You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

When Charlie starts barking and throwing himself at mom … it’s time for a walk. Rain, snow or extreme heat … but not hail … the beat goes on everyday @ 7am & 3pm. Wish she would teach Chaz how to put his own boots on … watching him on mom’s lap getting his little…