every dog has his day

and today is Charlies day … One year old Charlie, after his foster mom left him here. Look at that worried little face.  After two years, he still worries and wonders where mom is going. Poor thing.  Not. Everywhere you go, there he is and …  … he’s always ready in a nano second. Chaz…

looking back

“keep moving forward and don’t look back.”

green river dog park

you can’t miss it … although you may forget that you’ve been there before.

teaching dogs to spell

Rob just started asking me if Jake and Charlie got a “Tip” (meaning snack) after going potty outside. His reasoning … we’ve overused the words snackies, treats and chewy bones. I was listening.  He went on to say that since we already spell  W.A.L.K  we should probably spell  T.I.P  so we won’t have to find…

Black Dog Photography

Taking photographs of a black dog wasn’t a problem, until someone told me it was.  Just the words, “It’s really hard to photograph a black dog, that’s why you never see black dogs in the movies.” Great. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! Then I checked and yep, out of the Top 10 Famous…